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Welcome to Phoenix Bookkeeping Specialists

save time and money

We provide accounting and financial support services to individuals, HOAs and business.  Our goal is to help you save time and money.  We do so by making sure that your accounting gets done right and remains organized. 

Services include QuickBooks, routine bookkeeping, tax services, financial analysis, CPA correspondence and much more.   

We are a reliable, business partner who will pro-actively handle tasks, answer questions, and help your business succeed.    


Get more from your accountant
Your financials should be relevant and give you a clear picture of performance.   From them, you should be able to see the big picture, catch trends and know when you are making money.   And they should provide the basis for projecting future cash flow. 

We ensure that your data gets entered consistently and timely.  We handle clean-up, as we see it.  And we create financial reports that you can read.  

Whether you want financial statements for tax purposes or a forecast to show your banker, we prepare it. 

If you want to start getting better information from your accountant, contact us today.