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I was hesitant to hire a bookkeeper, though I needed one with my growing business.
Dave has proven to be a great investment in my business because his professional services allow me to focus on the bigger picture.
His mobile service makes my life easier. Dave is reliable and accurate, catching the details that I miss in day to day business.
I recommend Phoenix Bookkeeping Specialists to other small business owners.

Sonoran Studios


I have learned more from Dave Connell about how to run my business more effectively and more profitable than at any other time throughout the life of my business.  He has taken the mystery of bookkeeping with all of the reports and has made them make sense for the first time ever.  I now feel that I am in control and that is a great feeling. I never am afraid to ask Dave a question; he has patience and is proactive in wanting me to understand my business; that has been a gift to me. I highly recommend his services. 

Merry Lynch & Co


Phoenix Bookkeeping Specialists has been working with me and my company for about two years and has proven to be one of the most valuable assets we have.  In addition to bookkeeping skills, Dave has assisted me in maneuvering some of the very challenging economic issues that have come up, issues that without Dave's counsel could have badly damaged my business. 

Originally we hired Phoenix Bookkeeping Specialists as a basic part time bookkeeping service.  Dave would come in once or twice a week and pay bills, balance the check book supervise payroll etc.  Over the years however, Dave has easily been able to take on additional responsibilities.  He has helped us apply for and manage an SBA loan,  we have negotiated leases and private financing, formed LLC; Dave has worked closely with our vendors and suppliers to build and sustain positive long lasting relationships. 

As a small privately owned business, resources are not always available.  One of the resources we are constantly in need of is experience and information.  Dave, in addition to his contribution of operational experience, brings knowledge of business, finance, city, state and federal tax requirements, human resources issues, etc;  I can't imagine or recall an issue that came up that Phoenix Bookkeeping Specialists, Dave, wasn't able to give me information from personal experience or through resources he has sought out and delivered to me. 

The success of my business is a result of the hard work, dedication and determination of my team.  Dave and Phoenix Bookkeeping Specialists is an important part of that team.